Friday, August 27, 2004

Expired Miles
I make it a habit to check my financial statements online on Fridays.
You know to see if my cheques have been credited.
As well as view with sorrow my dwindling bank accounts.
That way, I can schedule my expenses for the coming week.
But it has been a while since I checked my frequent flier accounts.
Well ok account I only have one!
Skywards from Emirates airlines.
I forgot and let 9,242 miles expire just like that!
Plus I have 500 miles expiring Sept. 30, 2004.
My current available balance is 10,076 miles.
Not nearly enough to fly to the nearest sector.
I need 25,000 Tier miles to claim a free ticket within the region.
Zone 11 sector = China, Indonesia, HongKong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia.
Horror of horrors!
I was hoping I could go to Singapore this coming October for my birthday.
My sister and I are both October born.
She wants to watch them on October 18 at the Indoor Stadium.

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I want to watch Mamma Mia, the musical which starts its season on September 21.
This got me thinking how ironic I am.
I can't afford to watch concerts here in Manila.
I absolutely wanted to see Sarah Brightman perform at the Ultra a few months ago.
But I was in brokeville.
I can't find anyone to accompany me watch Lea Salonga perform in Baby, the musical currently ongoing at the Meralco theater.
I'm willing to fly all the way to Singapore to catch The Eagles.
And soak in cultural artsy stuff like musicals at the Esplanade.
Silly silly silly me.
I guess I'll just stick to my original plan for my birthday.
Go to Subic Bay and watch the dolphins show.
Here's hoping I accomplish either one of my plans.
If not well it isn't the end of the world.
I'll live. :)

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