Wednesday, September 08, 2004

3 years and counting
Today, September 8 marks 3 years that I've been back here in Manila.
I came back filled with apprehensions.
Afraid of what to do with my life.
Afraid that I won't fit in.
Afraid that my friends have changed.
Afraid that I won't be able to readjust.
It's difficult to explain how tedious it is to adapt to your own country of all places.
But at the same time, I was also hopeful to face hurdles with a smile.

Now after 3 years.
I'm proud to say I've settled amicably well.
I have my own place.
My sister has her own car.
We both work freelance, from home.
I'm healthy, in short overweight. LOL
My parents are enjoying their retirement.
It's a given that they experience a few health scares now and then.
They are only human.
I get to travel occasionally to quench my restlessness.

I know at this point in my life I'm content with what I have!
I've long learned to accept certain truths:
  • Yes, I'm not getting any younger but thank God I don't look my age.

  • Yes I'm turning 36 next month but age is just a number.

  • Yes I'm still single but who cares? I certainly don't!

  • Yes I don't have any kids because I'm not maternal.

  • I know I'm blessed, perhaps more so than others.
    It is this single thought which sustains me every day as I wake up to see the sunrise from my 12th floor loft.
    I ask myself ... Ain't life grand?
    And lately, my answer has been a resounding ... You bet it is!

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