Monday, September 27, 2004

The APPLE of her eyes

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I was flipping channels last night and caught Oprah Primetime on Star World.
She was interviewing Gwyneth Palthrow and was later joined by Jude Law. They both have a new movie showing "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow". Sort of a 40's comic book type story.
I can't believe she can look that great after giving birth to a baby girl, she and her husband Chris Martin (Coldplay's lead vocalist) named APPLE.
Isn't that so cute?
Anyhow, there were a couple of quotes uttered during the interview which had my tears flowing down my face.
Yes I'm a tad bit emotional these days. So just indulge me.
Blythe Danner, her mother and a very talented actress herself said:
"When I first saw Gwyneth with the baby, my firstborn holding her firstborn, there was an overwhelming feeling of joy 'deep, deep, deep joy' because it happened not long after Bruce died and we were all still reeling from that. I think the first thing I thought was, "There is a reason to live "I have a grandchild." And I think that put it all in perspective and it was very good for all of us after the initial shock of Bruce not being there. One sees the future in one's grandchild..."
Gwyneth also recounted a fond memory of her late father. The esteemed director of several TV shows, Bruce Palthrow. When she was 10 years old, he took her to Paris, France. They stayed at the Ritz. She remembers ordering French Fries and going to the different museums.
A great father - daughter bonding moment.
After they returned from Paris, he said:
"Do you know why I took you to Paris?
I wanted your first time in Paris to be with a man who will love you forever no matter what happens!"


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