Sunday, September 26, 2004

Mindless fun
Friday and Saturday I had the house to myself.
My sister was in Laguna on a fam trip with her colleagues from the travel trade industry.
So to occupy myself I decided to park in front of her laptop and log on to Mirc.
One of the questions always asked from total strangers is:
"How come you speak good english?"
Or "I'm amazed that you are very eloquent in English!"
Well DUH!!!???
But by now I've come up with some standard answers:
1. Well we do have universities here, you know!
2. I was educated by a private tutor who coincidentally also happens to teach the Queen of England.
3. I was a child prodigy and I could speak 8 languages by the time I was 5, imagine that!
4. Well thank you but unfortunately I cannot say the same for you.
5. At least I know other languages unlike you! You cannot even talk about other people behind their backs because everyone would understand! How sad.

But more often than not, I really don't know how to respond to such a stupid question.

Speaking of mindless fun, it's time to watch the Buzz and S files.
If only to see what Kris Aquino is wearing! LOL

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