Wednesday, September 01, 2004

September Morn
Brand new month.
Brand new layout as well.
I spent the past 2 days stalking blogskin websites.
I came across several with butterflies.
Some were too colorful.
Too complicated to configure.
Or had too much going on the page.
Such as a calendar and tons of links.
I like to keep it simple.
Not too much fuss. Easy to navigate.
This one captured my attention immediately.
Yeah I know ... no butterflies.
But it's cute, isn't it?
I also made another blog.
My way of remembering the movies I've watched.
I took me some time to set this one up.
I sorted out pieces of paper scribbled with the titles.
I placed them in a shoe box after I lost my filofax.
Click here to browse through.
I also finished my project. Finally!
Just in time for its deadline.
I do get paid for this one. Hurray :)
So my creative juices have all dried up now.
I'm tired from tweaking endless html codes.
My eyes hurt. My back is killing me.
My mind is a total blank.
I'm exhausted.
I crave junk food.
I can finally sleep without worrying about scripts and codes.

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