Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Some things I could blog about
  • The funeral of my uncle which we attended this past Saturday.
  • The reunion of relatives from my father's side of the family in Cavite during said funeral.
  • The Emmy awards.
  • Survivor 9: Vanuatu
  • A disturbing incident I witnessed Sunday while waiting for my take out order of a Napolitana pizza from Nielsen's at Edsa Shangri-la Plaza.
  • Reviews of movies I rented.
  • Write about the strange dream I had last night. Strange because all 5 of my ex bfs were present in the dream! Freaking!!
  • I could just answer some memes.
  • Post some really funny jokes I received in my inbox.
  • The fact that I haven't seen any movies at the cinemas in weeks because I'm too sarcastic to enjoy mushy films like "The Notebook" and "13 going on 30"!
  • Or how it takes forever for my browser to open this blogger window so I can type this post!

  • But the fact that I'm heavily medicated with ponstan for menstrual cramps, zyrtec for my allergies, better sleep for my insomnia makes me too drowsy to spare a few minutes to come up with a coherent post.
    Not to mention the fact that my stomach is upset from mixing all these drugs together I practically live in the bathroom.
    Ouch another spasm attack!
    *Runs off*

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