Wednesday, September 22, 2004

"What's vertigo?"
***Spoiler alert***
If you haven't seen the final episode of Amazing race, don't read this post.

The 4 teams leave from the Coconut Palace and head off to El Nido Palawan on a chartered plane.
The company owned by A. Soriano manages the flights.
So I'm assuming it is owned by Andres Soriano.
We are treated to a magnificent view of the different islands, the crystal clear waters and the shoreline.
Island hopping to look for the Philippine flag where the clue box is located was funny. Brandon being the parasite that he is just kept relying on Chip to find the right flag.
And when Chip didn't tell him, Brandon got upset. He should have just gotten off the boat himself to check the box. Colin blamed himself and Christie as usual for not buying a travel guide since he had no idea what our flag looks like.
Yeah right blame her for everything that goes wrong why don't you?!
The roadblock stated "If you have vertigo, don't go."
How ignorant can you be if you don't know what vertigo is!!!
Brandon didn't know neither did Linda & Karen! LOL
It was a mighty difficult task to ascend that mountain especially for poor Karen. She was after all the only woman among the remaining teams to perform it.
Eventually it just got so tiring so she slowed down thus Colin finished ahead of her. But she did finish the climb. So I salute her for that. Even though they got eliminated I'm amazed they made it this far. 4th place finish is good enough for two bowling moms who have never traveled out of their own country before.
After the mandatory 12 hours pit stop it was time for the final leg of the race.
They were to make their way from Palawan to the NAIA.
Then catch a flight to Calgary, Canada.
How wicked! Whoa!
From sunny weather they had to wear full skiing outfits to perform some winter Olympics stunts.
As usual Brandon and Nicole always go for both detours.
It's like they need to try both detours before they move on.
From Calgary off to Dallas, Texas.
I just love the look on Colin, Christie, Brandon & Nicole's faces when they learned their pre-booked flight was delayed by 2 hours.
I think Chip & Kim did the right thing by not telling them about the delay. It just proves that no matter how precise you are in booking flights and planning ahead, it all comes down to pure luck.
The editing showed like the race was pretty tight between Chip/Kim and Colin/Christie.
I think it was more like 20 minutes. Just good enough for them to win! I'm glad, for once, the team I was rooting for since the beginning won the race.
Way to go Chip & Kim.
They are genuinely sincere, good hearted individuals who took the time to appreciate the culture and the sights of all the countries they visited.
They deserve the million dollars.

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