Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Does it hurt??
I kept asking my sister that question.
You see I've never had a facial in my entire 36 years of existence.
I've neglected and abused my skin through the years.
Pimples marks, UV rays of the sun have wreaked havoc on my skin.
So today armed with a Forever Flawless gift certificate, I said to myself ... It's time to try it. There is always a first time for everything.
I like to believe I have a strong threshold when it comes to pain.
After all I pluck my eyebrows without using any cream. Boy was I wrong!
She starts by applying creams and massaging the face. Then steams it up opening my pores. Wrapping it with a warm towel.
After covering my eyes with thin white cotton like paper, she switches on something.
A bright white light blaring over my face, she proceeds to scrape deep into my open pores.
The forehead part was still tolerable.
Although I was already wincing and grimacing not to cry.
She attacks my nose, pushing deep against the cartilage.
Digging, scraping out the black heads.
It was VERY painful!!!
I was clenching my teeth and grinding them to a powdery form.
Every single muscle in my body tensed up!
It was pure torture for 45 minutes.
But I persevered and endured the agony.
And I survived to blog about it.
Now my face is shiny and glowingly clean.
It tingles a bit but I feel thoroughly cleansed.
It might take me another 36 years before I have another facial.
With the amount left, I will opt for either the body scrub or the intensive foot therapy, next time.
Anything that doesn't involve the use of blunt instruments!

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