Monday, October 25, 2004

It is rather ...
preposterous of me to actually fall in love (or is it merely lust) with a guy who I know is geographically incompatible.
And there is no way in hell (or earth for that matter) for us to be together.
And yet I still did fall for him.
I know I should have stopped mid way.
But I didn't.
So I simply roll my eyes everytime he talks about the women he intends to pursue or when he talks about his dates.
I listen patiently while he laments that some girl is bailing out on him.
I even give him pieces of advice on how to woo a woman.
I know it isn't healthy.
But on the other hand, I haven't felt this way for someone in ages.
And I like the way he makes me feel.
So if only for that little tingle in the pit of my stomach, I would endure in silence.
While trying not to bang my forehead against my computer's monitor.

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