Sunday, October 03, 2004

Gifts and Food Galore
Yesterday, my sister's birthday started with a breakfast fare of Mary Grace mouth watering ensaymadas and coffee.
Afterwards, it was opening gifts time.
Mom gave her a sterling silver set of earrings and a chain with a pendant.
Dad bought her the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King DVD.
I gave a complete scrapbook kit which I ordered online from QVC.
Pinky, my dear friend in the US mailed it over just in time.
My sister was pleasantly surprised.
Birthdays are a big deal in our family.
So we give gifts on these special days not during Christmas.
Anyways, it was decided that we would have lunch at this place.
Feasting on delicious grilled food with a lovely view of Manila Bay was great.
Next stop - Power Plant, Rockwell.
Just in time for coffee at Figaro and the 3:05pm showing of "The Bourne Supremacy". The movie made us nostalgic about our trip to Berlin.
The city we visited in March 2001.
It provided an excellent backdrop to this thrilling film.
The girl behind us asked her date/bf/male friend or brother:
"Why does he have amnesia? Is it because he is under alot of stress???"
I found that extremely funny in the sense that I would never watch a sequel to a movie without seeing the first installment.
And even if I don't get to watch it, I would at least read up on it.
But hey that's me. :)
With some 3 hours to kill before dinner time, we decided to go check out the new mall at the Global City at Fort Bonifacio, Market Market!
The only good thing about this mall is the large parking lot and you don't have to pay a parking fee. Otherwise, it was totally chaotic with alot of people from the D - E crowd.
I don't fancy it at all. Someone described it as a mini Divisoria.
He's right although I've never been to Divisoria myself.
We ended up just buying fresh flowers and lanzones.
We couldn't wait to leave.
We decide to go all the way to Libis just to cruise around.
It's not really my favorite hangout place. I feel old mingling with the crowd there.
From Libis we proceeded to the Tomas Morato area to find somewhere to dine.
We ended up eating more grilled food at this restaurant.
We get home around 10:30pm and it was time for my sister to make a wish while blowing out the candles on her cake. No, I didn't bake it.
It was a delicious mocha walnut cake from Kookie Korner.
No matter how hard she blew them, it kept lighting back on.
It was hilarious because it turns out the candles I bought were magic candles.
I had no idea they were that way.
So we panicked and had to bring the whole 'burning' cake to the sink and dose off the 'fire'.
Thankfully the cake still tasted yummy.
After the parents had gone off to bed, my sister and I watched the LOTR DVD, at 2 am. Complete with San Mig lite and Lay's BBQ chips.
Well ok so I was the only one drinking.
But overall it was a great day celebrating the natal day of the person who means the whole world to me.
Even if I was the one who ended up drunk and woke up this morning with a hangover.

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