Saturday, October 02, 2004

Let me tell you about ...

  • A little girl of 10 who utters loudly with the naive innocence only a kid can possess:
    "Mommy ... are they the Gestapo?"
    She was referring to the border control officers who were inspecting our passports while we were on a train to Cologne, Germany.
  • The girl who graduated from high school - top of her class.
  • The lady who graduated magna cum laude from UST!
  • The woman who spent 8 years on her own working in Singapore, traveling all over the world as a travel trade journalist/writer.
  • The admirable woman who balances her graduate studies with the daunting tasks of her job.
  • My confidante, my best friend, my 'ate' even though she is 3 years younger than me!
  • The only person who keeps up with my stubborness, my insolence, my sarcasm, my cynical nature and my failure to pursue lofty endeavors.

  • She is none other than my dearest sister, Ollie.

    Today, she turns a year older.

    I am extremely proud of her!

    Everything she has accomplished in her young life through sheer guts
    and determination.

    I love her with all my heart and soul.

    But most of all I respect the woman she has become.

    The woman she is.

    And the woman she will be in the future.


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