Friday, October 15, 2004

Low waist jeans
Yesterday I was at the Globe telecom branch in Galleria.
To pay bills.
Not to canvas for a new cellphone.
I have come up with a plan to buy my sister a new one.
So I can get hers.
Talk about hand me downs. LOL
I know she needs one with more features like WAP.
Since I only send SMS and call people.
I will be satisfied with her older one.
Yes, I'm that thoughtful.
More like practical.
Anyways I digress.
I was waiting for my number to be called so I could pay.
Seated beside me was this girl around 20 years old or maybe younger.
Her number is flashed so she approaches the customer service area.
As she sits down her jeans pull down and reveals her underwear.
You know how it is with low waist jeans.
Your entire behind is on display.
The thing is her undies were worn inside out so the tag was visibly sticking out.
It was hilarious!
Everybody noticed it.
Some snickered among themselves.
Others tried not to stare.
But come on, you know you just have to stare, right?

Moral of the story.
Be sure to check you are wearing your undies properly.
Or at least wear a longer top to cover your butt!

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