Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Yadda Yadda Yadda
  • I'm beginning to hate my cellphone. It hangs up and switches off frequently. I don't appreciate it when I get cut off right in the middle of a steamy conversation. I know I can't really expect an obsolete Nokia cellphone to be up to par. But still!
  • I called a friend of mine because I wanted to go watch the Spanish film festival at Greenbelt. She tells me that kinda shit (her words not mine) were for artsy fartsy people. Well hello a little culture wont kill you, would it? Gosh
  • Speaking of Spanish films I finally sat down at 2:30 am to watch "Before Night Falls" the controversial biopic of the Cuban author Reinaldo Arenas. Excellent acting from Javier Bardem and of course Johnny Depp.
  • My mother called asking me what I wanted for my birthday. I really couldn't come up with anything. I just said I wanted to be out of town.
  • My plans of going to Singapore faltered since I don't have enough miles on Skywards for a free ticket. So it's either Tagaytay, Subic or Caylabne. We'll see how it goes. I like the spontaneity of it all.
  • To get myself in a cheerful mood I've been listening to my collection of French cds. The ones I've had since forever. Artists like Claude Francois, Michael Sardou and Herve Vilard crooning about l'amour, la mer et les etoiles. Artists who were at the peak of their careers way back then and I'm not sure if they are still 'sikat' till now. I doubt it.
  • So my sister is back from Cebu with pasalubongs of danggit, otap as well as dried mango strips. I'm currently munching on otap as I write this post.
  • Today she's in Bulacan. Tomorrow she's off to Calapan and Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro. She will be back Monday, the day before my natal day. It isn't R & R ... it's WORK! But I'm glad she gets to explore places I've never been to.
  • Oh I'm coming up with a post which chronicles my 36 years of existence. It's harder than I thought it would be. A truck load of memories filters my mind with nostalgia and mushy sentiments of yonder days. *sighs*
  • So I transport my restless mind to idyllic places through these pictures taken by my sister in Cebu. Enjoy!

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