Saturday, November 13, 2004

"I love you more today than yesterday ... but not as much as tomorrow!"
Nope I'm not singing about anyone in particular. Or am I?
I was referring to the Ayala Malls ad with that song which I couldn't stop singing yesterday in my head (of course) while gallivanting around Greenbelt.
Hey what's up with me and songs lately?
Anyways, after completing our errands in the Makati area, my sister and I were in the mood for some hot soup for merienda.
Yes sir while normal people eat their dinner at 7pm, that hour for us is just snack time.
Since we were in the Makati area, I suggested Super Bowl at Glorieta.
But my sister wasn't in the mood to park there.
Our moods vary according to the parking spaces at a mall. Strange but true.
So I suggest Luk Yuen instead at Greenbelt 1.
But we saw Dulcinea where Luk Yuen used to be located, little did we know that it no longer exist!
Just goes to show we don't go out much. Well not to that neck of the woods, anyhow!
We instead ventured into David's Tea House.
So yeah we got our hot Wanton Noodle Soup, Beef Brisket Soup and several dimsuns.
At 7pm for snack purposes only! Take note!
Then it was off to National Book Store which is now my main source of VCDs.
I bought "Talk to Her" by Pedro Almodovar.
Yes I have a thing for foreign movies.
And foreign guys as well.
But that subject is not open for discussion.

Oh I also bought the DVD of "Before Sunset"!!!
Well pirated, of course. :D
Certainly not at NBS but somewhere else.
Where? I ain't telling because it might get raided.
Which would make me delusional!
But I'm really ecstatic beyond reason.
I can now watch it repeatedly and memorize the dialogue of the film.
Happy ... happy ... joy .. joy!
Ahhh such simple joys, my boring life is grand!

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