Tuesday, November 16, 2004

What have I been up to?
Nothing blog worthy really. The usual.
Downloading mp3s. Mostly French songs.
Chatting but mostly with just one person.
Watching movies I borrowed from the video store, downstairs.
To mention one, Hidalgo was very pleasant!
Done a bit of work here and there.
Bought another foreign movie, "The Crime of Padre Amaro."
Feasted on steaks at Cafe Adriatico, Eastwood City in Libis.
And noodles at Oody's, Robinson's Galleria.
I also texted friends to arrange a rendez vous.
But as is the norm, they haven't replied yet.
I reckon they have much more busy lives to live!
And I need to set my alarm clock so I can watch "The Amazing Race 6" live tomorrow morning on Studio 23.
Je sais que c'est pas tellement vivant mais je suis vraiment heureux! :)
Eh voila ca c'est ma vie!

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