Friday, November 19, 2004

My phases
I tend to go through phases.
A week ago, I was into anything French.
I downloaded several songs.
I listened to them till my ears bled.

This past week, I got hooked on Hispanic themes.
I've been listening to a Julio Iglesias CD of popular Spanish songs.
Yes, take note I said Julio NOT Enrique Iglesias.
His father, the suave crooner.
It is rather unfortunate that his concert (Julio Iglesias) scheduled for next month here at the Araneta Coliseum has been postponed.
I also watched these two movies.
One was lighthearted with a simplistic theme.
The other had a very controversial subject dealing with the Catholic church.
I have never been to Spain, unfortunately!
But I have a special affinity with that country.
Here's a little piece of trivia:
The first posting abroad of my father was supposed to be to Madrid, Spain.
But my mother was pregnant with me at that time. She didn't want to give birth in a foreign country. Me being their first born and all, she wanted to have a strong family support system here. So my father had to give up the post.
But there are times when they tease me that I should have been born in Madrid.
That the first words out of my mouth could have been "hola, arriba arriba"
That my name should be Amparo Constancia.
So God willing some day, I can go explore Spain and interact with its citizens.

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