Saturday, November 20, 2004

Something copied, cut and pasted
From Misty

10 Random Things about me:
10)I am a flirt.
9) I eat yogurts at 3 in the morning.
8) I wear earrings even when I'm at home.
7) I can get really cranky, sometimes.
6) Lip balm is my favorite make up.
5) I don't like my handwriting.
4) I remember all my friends' birthdays.
3) I giggle a lot.
2) I was part of the gymnastics team in school.
1) I like beer.

9 People I heart a lot:
9) My sister.
8) My father.
7) My mother.
6) Donna.
5) Pinky.
4) My ex ex.
3) E.
2) Johnny Depp.
1) My online friends.

8 Things to do before I die:
8) Travel more.
7) Drive.
6) Swim.
5) Find my soul mate.
4) Visit the US.
3) Be more religious.
2) Be more conscious of my health.
1) Have inner calm and peace of mind.

7 ways to win my heart:
7) Dine and wine me.
6) Be a kind soul.
5) Be understanding of my different moods.
4) Be patient.
3) Have a sense of humor.
2) Woo me with your mind through great conversations.
1) Watch movies with me.

6 Things I believe in:
6) My parents.
5) Soul mates.
4) Destiny.
3) My sister.
2) True Love.
1) God.

5 things I fear:
5) My parents ill health.
4) Being alone.
3) Having no ambitions.
2) Death.
1) Evil.

4 favorite things in my bedroom:
4) My bed.
3) My printer.
2) My computer.
1) My scented candles.

3 things I do everyday:
3) Eat.
2) Sleep.
1) Shower.

2 things I'm trying not to do:
2) Be lazy.
1) Fall in love with E.

1 person I want to strangle:
1) No one.

Right now...
Current clothing: shorts and tee.
Current mood: frisky.
Current taste: water.
Current hair: tied in a pony tail.
Current annoyance: telemarketing phone calls.
Current smell: Splendor by Elizabeth Arden.
Current thing you ought to be doing: sleeping.
Current jewelry: earrings.
Current book: I'm STILL reading The Runner.
Current refreshment: water.
Current worry: none.
Current crush: someonE.
Current favorite celebrity: Hugh Grant.
Current longing: sex.
Current music: OPM (original Pilipino music)
Current wish: to be loved.
Current lyric in your head:
"I'm a little bit of crazy, I'm a little bit of a fool
I'm a little bit of lonely, I'm a little bit of all, Oh, I need a cure Just a little bit of you and I will fall"
Current makeup: Nivea lip care.
Current undergarments: black bikini and bra.
Current regret: none.
Current desktop picture: this
Current plans for weekend: watch any of these movies, if not all of them.
Current cuss word du jour: merde.
Current disappointment: that E lives so far away.
Current amusement: Love Actually vcd.
Current IM/person you're talking to: None.
Current love: E although I'm in denial. LOL
Current obsession: Foreign movies.
Current avoidance: Falling in love with E.
Current thing or things on your wall: this portrait of me drawn by an artist in Montmarte, Paris circa 1998.

Current favorite book: Time magazine.
Current favorite movie: Love Actually.

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