Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A change of heart
I was cooped up in bed during the weekend nursing a terrible cold so it was time I head out! So I did, yesterday.
Despite a running nose and a sneeze here and there I pushed myself to endure traffic and went ... tada .... Shopping!
My main target was the Glorieta, Landmark and Greenbelt area. But being stuck on Ayala Avenue for almost 45 minutes dampened my sister's mood so I said let's go to Edsa Shangri-la instead.
Wise move since it wasn't crowded nor jammed as we anticipated.
So we ended up buying
1. A Philips cordless headphones for Dad.
2. A gift certificate from Nail Bar + an Estee Lauder perfume for mom.
3. 4 kg dumbbells for my sister ... Don't ask me why!
That's what she wanted ok?
4. Naturally I couldn't go home empty handed for myself and despite the late hour (it was already 9:15pm by then) I bought this from Marks and Spencer.
Even though no one will see it ... the mere fact that I'm wearing it ..... would definitely uplift my spirits and make me feel sexy! *Winks*

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