Sunday, December 19, 2004

Thirty things
1. last person you wrote a letter to:
I enclosed a letter in the Christmas card I sent to E

2. sport you would least play:
Ping pong/table tennis because I have a very poor eye to hand coordination especially if the ball is that small. But I did ok with tennis.

3. last movie you watched:
"Birth" - dark theme of reincarnation but Nicole Kidman's acting is superb as usual.

4. what do people first notice when they see you?:
Hmmm I guess my height ... I'm too short :D

5. do you like peanut-butter?:
I used to love it when I was a kid now I can't stand the taste! LOL

6. last person who texted you:
My friend L who wanted to borrow money YET AGAIN! Argh!

7. do you read comics:
Not really I just browse through it when I read the newspapers

8. how pretty/handsome are you?:
I'm just cute!

9. do you like earthquakes?:
Hell no! Especially since I started living in this condo unit. It freaks me out when the building sways!

10. worst nightmare?:
When I was about 12 I dreamt that my mother was drowning in a river and I couldn't save her. I woke up in tears.

11. most beautiful place you've visited?:
Paris for its museums, the Eiffel Tower, its churches and its little cafes

12. wanna be a celebrity?:
Not at all. I prefer to be a private and ordinary person.

13. do you like surveys?:
Evidently yes since my blog is full of them.

14. most people would describe me as:
Highly opinionated and argumentative when I feel passionate about a subject. But I do come across as aloof and snobbish.

15. one thing you hate about yourself:
I'm extremely lazy

16. vegetable you hate:

17. you like to go out to a grocery with...?:
My sister because she just goes straight to the items we need to buy and not loiter around wasting time.

18. favorite person in the world?:
My sister

19. can you dance?:
I like to think I do fairly well on the dance floor although I haven't danced in ages!

20. favorite past time?:

21. are you happy?:
Right now I'm sick and I feel terrible.

22. do you believe in God?:

23. what is the worst rumor you've heard about yourself?:
It seems that certain friends of my ex ex believe that I abandoned W and thus he has now ruined his life. To set the record clear, I didn't but they would believe anything!

24. what is the most stupid thing you did for the person u love?:
It wasn't stupid at that time but now I believe that flying for 9 hours to see him just to spend a week together wasn't worth it.

25. are you in love?:

26. what is your greatest asset?:
My mind

27. what time is it?
9:02 PM

28. aside from answering this survey, what else are you doing?:
Downloading more mp3s, emailing, reading the Philippine Inquirer website and online banking to check my dwindling funds.

29. first thing to do when you wake up tomorrow?:
Have something to eat then take medicines for my cold

30. where are you right now?:
At home in my bedroom

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