Thursday, December 02, 2004

Great bales of hay!
The moment I saw that the teams in the Amazing Race were in Sweden, I knew they had to feature IKEA. I love that store.
Their largest branch in the world is in Stockholm. Holy Cow I could spend days in that store. I definitely can assemble that desk with my eyes closed. Me being the DIY gal in this family.
I always knew Sweden was a beautiful country but watching it on the show made me more aware of just how picturesque it is.
But that last roadblock was something else!
Rolling through bales of hay to find the next clue is sheer madness.
I felt so sorry for Lena & Kristy that they weren't lucky enough to find it.
But hats off to Lena for persevering and not giving up for 8 hours!
They were a dynamic duo. Too bad they got eliminated.
I admire Don & Mary Jean for being the oldest team yet they are full of energy and have such strong will power!
But I'm actually rooting for Freddy & Kendra. I don't know why. I guess I just like their chemistry.

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