Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Something to start a brand new month with!
1. Where were you an hour ago?
Here at home, chatting with E

2. state your full name?
Daphne Laura P. Q

3. do you like your name?
Yes except when people mispronounce it

4. can you remember what you did on the first day of school?
Hmmm probably cried my eyes off

5. what are you going to do first thing tomorrow?
Check my emails then take a shower

6. what did u feel upon receiving surveys like these?
I like answering them

7. at what age you first learn to use a pc?

8. do u think u could live without a pc?

9. do you feel lonely right now?

10. have you ever eaten any exotic food?
no, i'm not brave enough

11. What was your last illness?
is menstrual cramps an illness?

12. do you like listening to rap music?

13. have you ever thought of driving the train at MRT?

14.what did you do last November 1 2003?
went to Loyola to visit my grandparents tombs

15. which do you prefer? sunny or rainy days?
rainy days.

16. when was the last time you browsed the bible?
Oh geeez probably when I was in grade school.

17. Do you have a pet?

18. What is the brand of your first wristwatch?
A mickey mouse watch, I forgot the brand

19. Look to your back, what do you see?
my bed and the aircon

20. what can you say to your friends?
May God bless you all always!

21. Do you sing while taking a bath?

22. What is the last dream you remember?
I was somewhere where it was freezing cold and snowing hard and I was truly happy

23.what do u usually do if ur mad?
I talk to my friends

24. do you agree on the saying to forgive is to forget?

25. can you ride a bicycle?

26. last thing you held before using the computer?
the remote control

27. Where is that place you always dream of?
Paris where I wake up each morning and I see the Eiffel Tower from every room in my apartment

28. When was the last time your tears fell?
when my father suffered a mild stroke

29. What will you do after this?

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