Thursday, December 09, 2004

An observation
Is it just me or have you noticed there are fewer people at the malls doing their Christmas shopping this year?
I mean today is already the 9th of December yet when I went to Megamall at 4pm there were still alot of parking spaces.
The mall wasn't crowded at all.
I guess most people realize that it is a bit callous to celebrate when the rest of the country is still reeling from the devastation we experienced from the typhoons.
I think it is admirable when companies decide to forego of their annual Christmas parties and donate the funds to those who need it the most.
On the other hand, I squirm whenever I open the society pages of the newspapers and see the elite and socialites parading in their full regalia partying like there is no tomorrow.
Oh well. I guess to each his own pleasure!
As for me well I don't really do any Christmas shopping. The only things I buy are for the noche buena feast. Standard fare like keso de bola, ham, ensaymadas for Christmas breakfast and sweets.

I know I did say in one of my earlier posts that I wasn't going to watch the latest Nicholas Cage starrer. Well guess what? There I was on the 3rd floor of Megamall and my choices were "Birth", "Alexander" and "National Treasure".
So I assigned each of them a number, wrote it on a piece of paper and drew out one. Tata! National Treasure won! Yes I actually did that. LOL It was a pretty exciting movie. I liked its tales of hidden codes, maps and secret societies.
They also showed the preview for the following films:
Shall we Dance? ==> Richard Gere is yummy!
"Meet the Fockers" ==> Ben Stiller cracks me up!
Ocean 12 ==>This picture is self explanatory!

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