Saturday, December 11, 2004

Yummy treats
Do you live near Makati?
Are you the type that doesn't cook?
Yes that's me.
I recommend you take a stroll over to the Salcedo Weekend Market.
It is located at Tordesillas corner Leviste Streets in Makati.
It's open on Saturdays only from 7am - 2pm.
I finally made my way there this morning.
Boy was I, happy! Yes food makes me happy. :D
I bought dinuguan, lengua, kuchinta, pulo puto, some organic veggies such as cauliflower, radish and okra.
Grilled boneless bangus & sinaing na tulingan for my folks.
Naturally bought sapin sapin & leche flan for desserts.
Then went all the way to the hills to feast on them for lunch at my parents' place.
We were all so full that we had to drink tons of peppermint tea!
I intend to go again next weekend. :)

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