Monday, December 13, 2004

Outlast, outwit and outplay
Another Survivor season comes to an end with Chris winning a million dollars.
He was the one who should have been voted out first for fumbling at the immunity challenge for the Lopevi tribe. He was the last man standing among a strong alliance of women. Yet despite all his lies and his backstabbing, he wins the game!
Impressive really. But I'm glad he won. :)
So until the next installment of Survivor begins next year, this time at the beautiful islands of Pulau. I'll miss seeing Jeff Probst's khaki outfits and his dimples. But I will wait patiently!

*Updated on Dec. 19*
According to this article Jeff is now dating Julie from Survivor: Vanuatu. Well well!
Maybe I should join a reality show as well to find romance.
Yeah right, wishful thinking. :D

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