Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Daily Dirt
Internet Dating

1. Have you ever dated anyone online?
Yes been there ... done that
2. Did you know them other than chatting on the computer?
I met them in real life, became good friends hanged out etc
3. Do you think it's wrong for people to date over the computer?
To each his own ... it's not for me to judge what people do with their social life. But nope I don't think it is wrong.
4. Have you ever had a crush on someone just because of how you knew them online?
Yes but it is just a crush and what you do about that attraction is the tricky part of internet dating
5. Do you know anyone that has actually met someone that they knew online and began dating or even married?
I know several couples who starting dating online and are now married. My best friend Donna met her husband online. But at the same time I also know of online couples whose relationships didn't flourish beyond the internet. I guess it all depends on the persons involved.

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