Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Predictions for 2005
Chinese astrology

I don't believe in astrology. Neither do I read my horoscope on a daily basis. However at the start of every year, I do read up on what the stars have in store for me. Just out of curiosity. Out of all the ones I've read so far, (believe me I read quite a lot already!) The one below best describes my personality. The prediction for 2005 is favorable. Not that I'm ignoring the negative ones, I just want to be optimistic about my future, for once. Ergo, I'm posting it.

Monkey: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 *** Just an excerpt, click here for the rest ***

Always upbeat, they are considered minor celebrities in their circle thanks to their sparkling wit and that rapier-sharp mind. Perhaps surprisingly, Monkeys are also good listeners and tackle complicated situations with ease. This Sign's natural curiosity lends it the desire to become knowledgeable on a broad range of topics. Monkeys have a show-off side that loves nothing more than to dazzle their pals with all they know

In love, the Monkey makes a fun, exciting lover -- but one that may have the potential to stray romantically. The good news is, the Monkey's glib manner and witty repartee can often get this Sign out of a scrape. Perhaps not everyone will be won over by the Monkey -- but do you think the Monkey really cares? The Monkey's world, full of devil-may-care energy and revelry, isn't for everyone. Remember, though, it's not that this Sign is mean; it might just be a bit too curious for its own good. Monkeys often feel the need to try everything at least once, which can make for a merry-go-round of relationships.

What's in store for the Monkey in the Year of the Rooster?
*** courtesy of the Hong Kong Tourism Board ***
The Rooster tolerates your levity, mischief-making and agility, so this is a year of opportunity for monkeys who are prepared to put in the effort. Opportunities exist in the workplace but as competition is tough, brush up on your skills and you'll need more than your persuasive charm and confidence if you're aiming to advance. You're prosperous enough, but you'll need to take care to stay that way, with overseas travel featuring high in a long list of commitments. If you stay away from speculation, a disciplined and managed approach to finances should see you through. Personally and socially, this is a busy time. Family life is especially rewarding, offering a stable grounding for your active social life. Romance, too, is set to flourish. Don't get distracted by the frenetic pace: learn to pick and choose, giving yourself time to relax, indulge your own interests and appreciate the good things you already have.

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