Thursday, January 20, 2005

When I go out I probably end up spending my money on:
  • Vcds (preferably foreign films)

  • My current food cravings - this month are those delicious beef patties from De original Jamaican pattie shop. Gosh I love them, the spicier the better. Soo yummy.

  • Undies - well specifically bra. I don't know why I suddenly developed this need to fill my closet with them. Different colors! So Ernie & Bert are upliftingly pampered. Yes that's their names according to this site. LOL It's fun answering all those quizzes.

  • Movie tickets - my cinema of choice is at the Power Plant, Rockwell. Even if they have increased their prices to P101 for their matinee shows (movies shown before 5pm)! I watched "Meet the Fockers" this afternoon! It was hilarious. Truly enjoyable! Just what I needed because I've been working on a project since the weekend. I felt the need to amuse myself and take a break from all those freaking codes and scripts clouding my weary mind.

  • Renting movies. Movie junkie that I am, it is very convenient to have a video store right in the building where I live.

  • Not on clothes, bags or shoes.
    Not on household items.
    Not on electronic gadgets.
    Not on office supplies.

    But know what?
    I get giddy as a witch flying around on her broomstick.
    In short, I'm happy! :)

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