Sunday, January 02, 2005

The second to last day of 2004:
  • I woke up early to scout for a new template for my blog. I got totally caught up in the whole process. I've come up with enough skins to make several changes in the months to come.

  • Then it was time to head off to Price Smart at the Fort for grocery shopping

  • Next stop was nearby Market Market for fresh flowers and plants for the staircase and dinner at Trellis.

  • The night was still young so we passed by Policarpio Street in Mandaluyong to get bedazzled by the lights sparkling on the houses on that street. My favorite is the Santa House. Too bad I forgot my digicam I wasn't able to take pictures. I noticed though that there were some houses who didn't participate this year.

  • New Year's Eve
  • By 12:15 a.m. I parked myself in front of the telly to catch the final episode of SATC. That's when my drinking session started. By the end of the series, I had already consumed 6 cans of San Mig Lite beer. Yes I drink fast! I knew that Carrie would end up with John (Mr Big). But watching it unfold gave me a case of deja vu. I know how it feels to go all the way to another country just to be totally ignored and abandoned by someone you are supposed to be in a relationship with. But alas in my case, I don't have a Mr Big to come rescue me.

  • Still drinking beer and eating chocolate chip cookies (What a combination!) I stayed glued to CNN. It consumes me to absorb all the tales of survival, the eyewitness reports of the horrific tragedy and how the world is coming together to help that part of the region recover from their loss.

  • Since the sun had risen by then I put on my apron to cook up a feast. I boiled, chopped, diced and baked. In the middle of it all I realized I didn't have enough tomato sauce so a quick dash to the nearest supermarket was in order. I suppose I need to mention the fact that while cooking up a storm in the kitchen, I was sipping on red wine and ended up finishing 1 whole bottle.

  • After I was finally done cooking, I barely had time to clean up the whole condo unit before my parents stepped into the door.

  • I showered, got dressed and rested a bit in my room while listening to Vonda Shepard sing "What are you doing New Year's Eve" and Barry Manilow say "It's just another New Year's Eve".

  • First day of 2005
  • At the stroke of midnight amidst the deafening sounds of firecrackers, fireworks, blaring horns, we sat down to toast a warm welcome to 2005!

  • This year I was in charge of the menu. I served Morcon, Spaghetti, Chicken macaroni with veggies salad, Adelina's Ham, Keso de Bola (Cheese) and fruits. For drinks ... red wine, beer and champagne.

  • I never liked firecrackers, they scare the shit out of me. That's why I prefer to stay indoors during New Year's Eve. But if you live in the Philippines ... New Year is always ushered in with a lot of noise. It is supposed to ward off bad luck and evil spirits. So looking out my window at 2 a.m. on the first day of 2005 you will see a thick cloud of smog hovering over the land.

  • At 6 a.m. after I cleared the table, stored the leftovers in tupper ware, washed the dishes, tried desperately to find space in the ref for the tupper wares, I was exhausted.
    I took Zyrtec for my sneezing fit which sneaked up on me. Hmmm it must have been the red wine! I finally went to bed!

  • Then after lunch, we went all the way to Angono to visit an uncle and his family who are in town for the holidays. More drinking, more food and certainly a lot of pleasant conversations.

  • Today
  • I'm still in an upbeat mood, I might as well take the decorations down. Because if I get too lazy they will stay up till March!
  • Went to Rockwell, I bought 2 more foreign movies, "The Crimson Rivers" and "Wasabi". Some celebrity sightings at Power Plant Mall - Amanda Griffith, Jomari Yllana with his son and Judy Ann Santos
  • Then had dinner at The Master's Wok which is located at the Podium. My fortune cookie stated "You don't always get what you want, but GOD provides you with what you need". Well well ain't that the truth? Hmm very strange indeed because just earlier this afternoon E and I were talking about signs. He mentioned that signs always seem to manifest itself to me in some way or the other. It was up to me whether I chose to believe or ignore them.
  • I'm posting some of the New Year greetings I received thru SMS. My obsolete cellphone's inbox is full and I would have to delete them soon.

  • GOD has gifts 4 U:
    a KEY 4 every problem,
    a LIGHT 4 every shadow,
    a PLAN 4 every tomorrow
    & a JOY 4 every sorrow.
    Enjoy GOD's gifts 2day

    Let laughter brighten ur eyes
    Smile lift ur spirit
    peace be in ur heart
    warmth in ur soul
    contentment in ur life
    joy in ur home
    May you always b blessed w/these
    priceless treasures everyday!
    May u have a happy n blessed 2005
    Hope ur good tidings come on pouring!

    No one can go back
    & make a new beginning
    but anyone can start from now
    & make a happy ending.
    hope u'll have a year
    that starts right
    & ends happy!

    From our heart, we offer u & ur family
    our prayers & best wishes
    4 a prosperous New Year.
    May u have fond memories 2 last a lifetime

    it's the last day of the year.
    may the coming year bring u more
    success, happiness & good health
    happy prosperous new year to u
    and your family

    The year has changed but GOD's
    love remains the same.
    may the year 2005 be peaceful,
    loving and fruitful year to all of us!

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