Sunday, January 02, 2005

The year that was
Nothing like putting things into perspective through the eyes of someone who knows you inside out.

Me: So 2004 is gone. Phew what a year.
E: Yeah I know especially for you it was quite emotional. If I may say so myself.
Me: Yes you may say so.
E: You went through a breakup, both your parents had medical problems, you got your hopes up over C and D yet it fizzled out and you finally admitted to yourself you were over the love of your life (W).
Me: Yes it was tough!
E: But hey the worst is over! I do admire your resilience to overcome those "downs".
Me: Oh well life goes on.
E: True! Seriously except for your father, all those guys that you cried over, they don't deserve your tears.
Me: Oh thanks but I did grieve over those 'failures'
E: Well sure it is ok to mourn breakups and whatever but you have to love yourself more.
Me: Ok thanks Dr Phil.
E: Come on be serious. At your age you must be aware of those medical reports about people in their 30s ... Low metabolism, prone to high blood pressure, high cholesterol level etc.
Me: Ok thanks for rubbing it in ... my 'mature' age.
E: You're welcome :D but really you need to be kinder to yourself ... Put yourself first ... Guys come and go but there is only just ONE you.
Me: Now you sound like Carrie Bradshaw from SATC.
E: Oh geez you know I've never watched that show. No one I know who lives in New York have those kind of lifestyle.
Me: It goes beyond fashion, glamour and sex it is about true friendships.
E: Well ok but do you have friends like that?
Me: Hmmm no I don't
E: There you go ...
Me: I only have an American dude who speaks perfect French because he lived in Paris for several years. But out of the blue and perhaps due to insanity, he moved to the Land of the Rising Sun to make ends meet. Now he is charming his way into the hearts of innocent Japanese women who won't give him the time of day. Yet if they only knew what he had to offer they should welcome him with open arms. On second thought ... they should just run off as fast as they can because they won't know what hit them ;)
E: Hehehehe You're crazy.
Me: No you're crazier
E: Ok so we're both crazy
Me: Amen

What do I expect/look forward to in 2005?
Nothing really. I don't really know for sure.
Only thing I was certain of - the date I was to marry W. September 14, 2005!
But we all know that isn't happening.
I've made no new year resolutions.
I don't have any travel plans.
My career is at a standstill.
My life is sort of directionless at the moment.
I will just take one day as it dawns.
My immediate concern is to lose weight.
Quite a mean task but not impossible.
Drinking peppermint tea, 4 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil to detoxify.
Perhaps go for a facial to destress my skin.
Have a trim, manicure and pedicure.
Things to beautify myself. Give myself a treat!
Especially now that the malls are practically empty!
So yes I'm ready for 2005!

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