Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I'm going to vent!
  • Something is wrong with my Hello software, I can't seem to upload pictures to my blog. I've tinkered with it, uninstalled then re-installed but still nothing!

  • Good thing that I can now use Photobucket to post pictures!

  • Ok so the norm in this country is when you get accosted by the traffic police, you bribe your way out. This cop stops us for jumping the red light, which isn't true at all. The color was still clearly ORANGE ok??? I'm not blind. (But hey it was lunch time ... So ... Go figure!) A few cars behind us clearly committed the violation but the suckers that we are, we actually stopped. Now here comes the funny part, we were cashless! We were on our way to the bank to withdraw. So while my sister was sweet talking the cop, I was frantically ransacking my bag for loose change. I opened the glove compartment, searched my pockets, nothing. Suddenly I remember that I fold P100 bills between the pages of the map! So voila, no traffic violation ticket! Phew!
    Moral of the story - always have extra cash in the car, just in case!

  • I had a rather profound chat with my confidante E (yes, he's back, long story!) last Sunday. We were both lamenting the fact that we seem to be stuck in a 'one foot in the door' sticky situation. How far we have both wandered, how it gets tiring after a while to constantly be the one trying to fit in, how we both have changed during the years yet our 'status' remains the same. How frustrating it is to hear of friends who have moved on with their careers, are married with kids taking ballet & piano lessons, health clubs! Yet I had to admit to him that I am now content with my life these days. Maybe it's because I'm older but I am more at peace with myself. Compared to the empty shell person I was when I first came back here in September 2001. I'm hoping he will pull through this crisis. I promised myself I will do my best to guide him! After all, I've been there, done that and worn out the t-shirt! It took me a while but I'm in a happier state of mind now. I do want him to be happy too ... he definitely deserves it!

  • Oh, yes indeed I do watch A LOT of movies, it feeds my soul. This month I'm eagerly waiting for "A Very Long Engagement", "Alfie", "Shall We Dance?" and "The Phantom of the Opera" (one of my favorite musicals of all time which I had the privilege of watching at London's West End)

  • My sister and I were brainstorming for gift ideas for our parent's wedding anniversary this coming Saturday!
    Sipping coffee at Segafredo in Greenbelt - We were on a roll:
    - a trip to Brussels, Belgium (not possible within such a short time frame, need at least 6 months to prepare for that!)
    - a trip to HongKong (short notice)
    - an overnight stay at a 5 star hotel (we couldn't decide which hotel :D)
    So pressed for time, we just ordered 2 movies from Amazon for Dad. He has been looking for those titles for ages. Hopefully the package gets here on time.
    As for mom well we are still clueless! It is always very difficult to buy a gift for her.

  • Between brainstorming, we also came up with several ways to jumpstart our 'boring' existence. It was time we had fun after the emotional rollercoaster we both experienced the past couple of years!
    *** learn how to play the guitar (that's her obsession!)
    *** take a refresher course at the Alliance Francais before we totally forget the language (actually she needs it for credits for her masteral program but I'm more than willing to go with her)
    *** go for beauty treatments as much as possible (we are scheduled to go to this spa later this month!)
    *** go out of town for our birthdays (it helps that we are both October born!)

    Since all of the above entails huge amounts of cash, we need to work our butts off with new projects and maybe set up a franchise of some sort.
    Yes I'm excited, I'm happy and very much looking forward to all these possibilities to bear fruit this year!
    Wish me luck! :)
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