Friday, February 04, 2005

  • The DHL package from Amazon just arrived! I'm glad it got in just in time for my parent's wedding anniversary tomorrow. I can't wait to see my father's reaction when he see the gifts!

  • I watched Amelie ooops I mean Audrey Tautou in that long but quite engaging French movie, yesterday. Notice how most French movies have this running narration/commentary to explain the plot to the audience? It is a very good concept!

  • I'm really quite relieved that I was able to sort out my feelings with E. I was stressing about that for quite some time now. It kept me up at nights and now my face is peppered with pimples. Shucks! I cannot believe that at my 'advanced' age of 36, I still get pimples!!! GOSH! So anyways, I'm absolutely glad we had a very positive chat, last night! Things are still the same yet I'm more upbeat about the whole thing.
    "Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time, what we really want is for things to remain the same but get better!" - that's my quote for today! :)

  • Yes it's Friday yet I'm stuck at home with a project that has a Tuesday deadline so NO pampering myself today. *Pouts*
    I'm currently in a dilemma whether to spend my money on a Valentine concert or a body salt glow.
    NO I don't have a date ok? Let's clear that up! But the group America is in town for a gig. Yes I'm that old to remember most of their songs! Yet I'm dying to have another full body scrub, it did wonders for my circulation, it cleared my mind too. So decisions, decisions, decisions! Too bad I cannot afford them both!

  • OK well I better get back to work, try to ease up my schedule for tomorrow. A day to celebrate the anniversary of two people whose union 37 years ago produced the cutest creature on this earth - ME! hehehe *takes a bow*

  • Happy Weekend!

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