Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Since me and my sister are both single and free spirited individuals who are somewhat jaded to the idea of romance, we didn't have anything planned for the day of hearts, yesterday.
So we simply ordered this sinfully delicious black forest cake from Red Ribbon to pig out on ... just for the heck of it!

But I do want to say thank you to Donna & Carr for greeting me. As well as to a bunch of alphabets (A, C, D & E) for wishing me a love filled day. It's just rather unfortunate I cannot get some kinda loving from either one of you. :D

Today though we both had early appointments in the Makati area so I suggested we treat ourselves to a post Valentine celebration. We feasted on mouth watering spare ribs, green mango salad and okra with garlic chives & ice tea at Sentro, Greenbelt. Then topped it up with a cafe latte and mocha frost at Figaro.
But the highlight of our day was our date with this guy!

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Yes, we simply had to be mesmerized yet AGAIN by the inconquerable music from "The Phantom of the Opera".

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