Thursday, February 17, 2005

This and that
The first thing that crossed my mind upon seeing the carnage left by the triple bombings in Davao City, General Santos & Makati last Valentine's Day was ... "Ok this isn't going to boost our tourism industry at all!". It is pretty frustrating when certain elements in this great nation of ours are bent on jeopardising our progress toward economic growth. It doesn't make any freaking sense at all.

I've been on a downloading frenzy yet again so now I've added these songs to my collection:

  • Emma Bunton - Take my breath away
  • Ryan Cabrera - True
  • Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey - Take my breath away
  • Joy Enriquez - How can I not love you?
  • Angel, If you go, Do you believe in us? and Just another day - all by Jon Secada

  • I haven't been in a chatty mode because as my best friend Donna told me in her email ... "You need to detach yourself from nicks that blink on your taskbar!" So there I've been awol from the chatting kingdom - do I miss it? Not really ... I'm sort of indifferent and totally detached right now. It baffles me!

    I came across an article in the Time magazine about 2 controversial books. It is written by a Saudi novelist. It's an insider view of the early 1970s - just before oil was discovered - in that kingdom. It explores the basic foundation of a very closed society through the eyes of a young man. The first 2 books of the trilogy are already out in the market. It's fascinating enough to pique my curiosity.

    OH hey he's back on AXN. Wednesdays at 9pm!
    Yummy as always ;)

    Hosted by

    So this reaffirms the fact that Wednesday night is my favorite couch potato day. With American Idol, CSI and Third Watch all on! Yeeehaw!

    My pampering day is pushed to Monday for this week. I've set an appointment for a soothing massage at this remote spa in Tagaytay. Lovely! I'm excited about that!

    As far as I know the Palawan trip is still on. Still deciding on the specific dates though. It has to be during the first week of March because afterwards we would both be busy with work. I guess I'll be more enthusiastic once I have the confirmed air ticket in my bag. So let's see how that goes!

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