Thursday, February 10, 2005

Last night I tried to go to bed early since I had nothing to watch on TV. Yes 1:30 A.M. is early ... Well for me it is. So after reading the latest issue of Time Magazine from cover to cover, I turned off the light. But I couldn't sleep, I tossed and turned, tried to read a book. It was rather pointless because I have 3 books on my bedside table and I never seem to finish any of them. So I ended up watching "Love Actually" at 3 A.M. which got me bawling my eyes out because I simply love that movie and it gets me all mushy every time I watch it!

I've been in a very emotional frame of mind. Just watching Aaron propose to Hayden at the end of the Amazing Race made me cry. Even though I didn't like Hayden because she was too uptight and a control freak. But a proposal is a proposal. By the way, click here to see the identities of the contestants for the next season which premieres March 1. Quite a diverse group so that should be interesting to watch.

I woke up this morning humming the song Moon River. Rather odd because I hate ok maybe not hate I dislike that song. It is a lovely song but it is used a lot in movies thus it has lost its appeal.

Nope it isn't PMS at all ... I'm just moody that way! Alright so I better stop rambling away here.

Would you look at that??? Friday is upon us again. Time flies by so fast doesn't it? I'm too broke to go for a facial and/or a body scrub. I could use a massage because my shoulders are still so tense but that would have to wait for next week! So that leaves me with hair treatment. Yes I just MIGHT (might being the key word here since I'm not the most decisive person on this planet) go for a hot oil protein treatment after I watch "The Phantom of the Opera", tomorrow.

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