Sunday, April 24, 2005

All about me, myself and I
Something I copied from her blog.

Name: Daphne Laura
Birthday: 19 October
Have you ever...
Mooned anyone:: no
Been on a diet:: yes.
Been to a foreign country:: yes
Broken a bone:: no
Swallowed a tooth/cap/filling:: no
Swore at a teacher:: no
Do you make time for Oprah?:: nope whenever I flip channels and see Oprah is on and the topic interests me then I watch
Talked to any blogger User via emails or instant messages?:: yes
Got in a fight:: no
Dated a teacher:: no
Laughed so hard you peed your pants:: yes
Gone skinny dipping:: no
Do you prefer top, bottom or doggy?:: top
Met another blogger User in the flesh:: not yet
Stolen anything:: no
Misused a swear word and it sounded absolutely stupid?: no
Been on TV:: no
Been on the radio:: no
Been to a concert:: yes
Been in a mosh pit:: no
Dated one of your best friends:: yes
Loved someone so much it makes you cry:: yes
Deceived somebody close to you:: yes
Broken the law:: no
Been to a rodeo:: no
Been on a talk show:: no
Been on a game show:: no
Been on an airplane:: yes
Got to ride on a fire truck:: no
Came close to dying:: no
Gave someone a piggy back ride:: no
Terrorized a babysitter:: nope I never had one
Snuck out of the house at night:: yes
Been so drunk you don't remember your name: yes
Had an eating disorder:: no
Felt like you didn't belong:: yes
Felt like the 3rd wheel:: sometimes
Smoked:: yes
Done drugs:: never
Been arrested:: no
Gone to camp:: yes
Won a trophy:: yes
Written a love letter: yes
Gone out of your way to be with the one you love:: yes, I endured 9 hours on a plane to be with him! What was I thinking? Utter nonsense!
Written a love poem:: no
Kissed in the rain:: no
Slow danced with someone:: yes
Participated in an orgy:: no
Faked an orgasm:: yes *grins*
Stolen a kiss:: no
Asked a friend for relationship advice:: yes
Had a friend steal your bf:: no
Watched the sunrise at a bar:: no
Gotten a speeding ticket:: no
Done jail time:: no
Had to wear a uniform to work:: no
Got perfect attendance in grade school:: no
Roasted pumpkin seeds:: nope
Taken ballet/karate lessons:: nah
Eaten pickled pigs feet?:: no
Had sex in a public place (where?):: yes, a park
Ever gotten caught masturbating?:: once *blushes*

1. Do u get jealous easily? no
2. What have u been doing these past few days? watching movies
3. Last movie u watched? Finding Neverland
4. fave song? Flying without wings
5. What are u planning to do this weekend? I wanted to watch "Finding Neverland" so I did yesterday.
6. Do u club? nope
7. Do u drink alcohol? yes
8. Any people in love with u right now? I don't think so
9. Do u prefer sms or talking on the phone? SMS
10. Are u missing someone right now? no one
11. What are u doing right now? replying to emails
12. When was the last time u received an sms? From whom? yesterday, my sister
13. 5 words to say about u? short, argumentative, opinionated, stubborn, honest
14. Name ur good friends. Donna, Carr, Pinky & ER
15. Who do u want to kiss right now? no one
16. one person u want to spend the rest of ur life with? ah well the tragic thing is he doesn't want me! So I'm moving on!
17. What were u doing before this? I took a shower
18. What are you thinking of right now? how to get rid of this nagging cough that won't freaking go away! Grrr
19. What did you do last night? I watched a movie at Greenbelt 3
20. What did you last say to a friend last night? I said it in an email
21. What attracts you to the opposite sex? his mind
22. What makes you happy? watching movies, traveling, having hair treatments, going to spas, knowing my family is in good health.
23. Who's the last person u txtd last nyt? nobody
24. Who was the last person you talked to? my mother
25. What do you want to tell someone but you haven't? nothing
26. When is your birthday? 19 October
27. When is your crush's birthday? I don't have a crush
28. When did you last smile? yesterday while watching the movie
29. Why did you answer this? because I like being 'interviewed'
30. When will you marry? never
31. When did u last receive a gift? March 2005 - the trip to Palawan

1. How's your heart lately? numb and detached
2. Did u ever cheat during exam? no
3. First boyband that made you go gaga? Westlife
4. How many pairs of shoes do u own? several
5. What CD's are u currently listening to? none
6. Did you go to your high school PROM? yes
7. Do u buy pirated CD's, VCD's or DVD's? I used to now I don't
8. Have you ever been suspended in school? no
9. How many different faces can you make? I only have 1 face
10. How many times do u brush your teeth in a day? 3
11. What perfume do u use? Elizabeth Arden "Splendor"
12. Do u watch pinoy telenovelas? No
13. How about chinovelas? no
14. Favorite anime/cartoon? I don't watch them
15. can u drive? no
16. Favorite streetfood? none
17. Describe your room, what can we find inside it? computer, printer, a lamp, my bed, a side table, book shelf, a fax machine, closets, a wall clock and my portrait.
18. Do u like to party? nah
19. Do u still ask permission from your parents about stuff? sometimes
20. How often do u change ur underwear? everytime I take a shower and I take 3 daily
21. Favorite radio station? I don't have one.
22. Have u ever been under arrest? no.
23. What song do u sing in the shower? whatever is playing on the radio, yes I have a radio in my bathroom!
24. What's the biggest difference you've made in the world?
Graced it with my alluring presence? LOL
25. Do u keep a diary? no
26. What do u do when u feel low about yourself?
I chat with my friends.
27. Can you cook/bake? yes
28. Worst gift you have ever received? a toy tea set
29. Are u facing a major problem right now? no
30. How's your relationship with your parents? pretty good

1* Last song you sang: Home by Michael Buble
2* Last person you hugged: my sister
3* Last thing you laughed at: a movie
4* Last word/s you said: "I'm online"
5* Last time you cried: I don't remember
6* What color socks are you wearing? I don't wear socks.
7* What's under your bed: dust
8* What time did you wake up today: 10 am
9* Current taste: water
10* Current hair: wavy shoulder length and layered
11* Current annoyance: the freaking pimples on my face. Arghhh!
12* Current longing: ice cream
13* Current desktop background: my picture
14* Current worry: see # 11
15* Current hate: the humid weather
16* Current song: Home by Michael Buble
17* Favorite physical feature of the preferred sex: eyes
18* Last CD that you listened to: haven't listened to CDs
19* Favorite place to be: a bookstore or a cinema
20* Least favorite place: dark restaurants
21* Favorite color: blue
22* How tall are you: 5'
23* Current favorite word/saying? freaking
24* Favorite book: Almost Heaven by Marianne Wiggins
25* Favorite season: winter
26* Have you ever said "I love you" and didn't mean it:
Yes I didn't want to disappoint him
27* Have you ever been to New York: never
28* Have you ever been to Los Angeles: no
29* Who do you wish were here: no one
30* What clothes do you sleep in: tank top and shorts
31* Who is the last person that called you: my mother
32* Are you timely or always late: always on time, sometimes too early so I have time to kill.
33* Do you have a job: yes, freelance basis
34* Do you like being around people: it depends
35* Do you have a "Type" of person you always go after: not necessarily but it seems I have a pattern of going for guys with 'issues' or maybe I'm the one with the commitment issues. :D
36* Do you want someone you don't have?: yes but I'm moving on!
37* Are you lonely right now: no
38* Cried: no
39* Bought Something: yes
40* Gotten Sick: yes
41* Sang: yes
42* Told someone you like them: no
43* Wanted To Tell Someone You liked Her/Him: no
44* Met Someone: no
45* Talked To Someone: yes.
46* Who's on your mind right now: nobody

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