Monday, April 25, 2005

  • I was shocked when I read the papers, this morning. The headline "RP diplomat slain in burglary" flashed across the front page. My father served under her during our stint in Singapore. I remember seeing her at diplomatic functions and she was a quiet, simple person who performed her duties diligently. She certainly didn't deserve to suffer such a violent death. I hope that the perpetrators of this heinous crime are caught as soon as possible.
    I also pray for her eternal repose.
  • I was melting in a pool of sweat as I went around town running errands. Gawd! Can someone please do something about this humid and hot weather??? The worse thing is I cannot quench my thirst with cold water, a bowl of halo halo nor ice cream because I still have this nagging cough. Arghhh!
  • I watched this movie at Podium. But the thing is I didn't make it before the 3pm showing so I ended up paying P142 instead of just P80. I raved about this promo (P80 for movies shown between 10 am - 3 pm on Mondays & Tuesdays) for months and now on the last day I still ended up paying a lot more than I bargained for. I could have gone to Edsa Shangri-la instead and only pay P120.
    Yes, I'm cheap like that.

  • Now it's shower time!

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