Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Some girls have all the luck
I meant in terms of winning prizes during raffle draws. And the girl in question would be my sister. Whenever she attends those corporate events, more often than not she comes home with goodies.
So far she has won:
1. A GC (gift certificate) for 2 at the Farm.
2. A GC for an overnight stay at the Westin Plaza Hotel with a complimentary massage for 2 persons.
3. A trip to Davao for 2 with free accommodation at the Marco Polo Hotel (without airfare)
4. A GC for an overnight stay at the Legend Villas.
5. And this exquisite dress watch from Anne Klein. But mine ours has a light green leather strap.

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Naturally since I'm her ever adorable sister (the one who gets her heart broken on every occasion) I get to share the loot with a big smile on my face. So yes life is good and I'm blessed despite having a lousy nonexistent lovelife.
Oh and me? I've never won anything in my life unless you count that hideous wood angel figurine that is gathering dust on top of the frigo!

Alright now I'm off to watch Bo Bice's mini concert on American Idol at Star World. Carrie who? Oh right I keep forgetting the show is a competition! Silly moi.

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