Sunday, May 22, 2005

"This too shall pass"
Those are the immortal words a friend of mine would utter to me every time I would lament to him the demise of yet another relationship.

But how come in a span of 2 years all I seem to be doing is

And how does one move on?

When every guy I encounter ends up failing in comparison to ONE GUY.

The one guy I chat with every single day.
The one guy I exchange tons of emails with regularly.
The one guy who is my confidante.
The one guy who is now my best friend.
The one guy who can NEVER be mine.
But I still keep around.
Because without him, my life would be incomplete.
The realist in me whispers "It is for the best."
The pessimist in me utters "Never again".
Well easier said than done!

But I've concocted a series of strategies guaranteed to shield my achy breaky heart from further damage:
1. Adapt a stoic attitude.
2. Detach myself from emotional attachments.
3. Develop an all.guys.are.the.same attitude.

To forget my heartache:
I went to my derma appointment.
I feasted on Singapore food at Rasa Express.
I splurged on lacy underwear to uplift my sagging breasts. It did wonders (get it? wonder bra = wonders) to boost my spirits too. LOL
I borrowed not 1, not 2 but 3 movies to watch.
I bought tickets to watch a play next weekend.
I booked an overnight stay in Tagaytay for my mother's birthday next week.

So yes it definitely cheered me up doing what I do best.
SPEND money!!!

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