Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Insanely delicious!
That's what it says on the box of Go Nuts Donuts.
They just opened their latest branch at The Podium.
So after my transactions at the bank and buying 2 VCDs from Astroplus, I joined the queue to see what the fuss is all about.
I bought 2 chocolate sprinkers, 1 pastillas de leche, 1 very berry, 1 cinnamon glaze and 1 CHOC Nut donut.
I admit I do have a sweet tooth.
Sometimes I hardly touch my meal and go straight for the dessert.
Yes it is indeed yummy and delicious.
But it would take me another month or so before I eat another donut again. I've had my sugar fix for now!
I will just stick to Nestle fat free yogurt for dessert.
I don't want to NOT fit into my fav jeans again. =)

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