Monday, June 27, 2005

You know what?
There is a chubby gray and white pigeon on my window sill.
Yes really I kid you not!
I came home around 6:49 pm after watching "Hotel Rwanda".
An intensely gripping movie which I recommend!
7 pm - public apology of President Arroyo.
She admits it is her on the tapes.
And that it was a lapse in judgment.
Of course you got reactions from every single being in this nation. Everyone has something to say about it.
So blah I switch off the darn TV - enough of politics!
I fix a quick dinner of leftovers and rice.
9:30 pm - heavy downpour!
I close the windows near the staircase.
I almost scream when this pigeon comes to perch outside.
Hmmm I surely didn't ask for any sign.
Nothing merits me asking God for a symbol.
Unlike that time, I asked if I needed to end a relationship that was boring me to death.
I asked for a blue rose. Next day I got one in a forwarded email.
So I dumped him. End of sob love story.
So YES I believe in them, signs.
I wonder what this pigeon signifies?
It could be nothing at all.
He just wants to shield away from the rain.
Ok fair enough.
I will just light my scented candles.
And I'll read this book in bed.
Dennis Bloodworth's "Have a Nice Day"
A novel that satirises British & Japanese culture.

Yes, little pigeon is still there!

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