Saturday, June 25, 2005

"Nobody, not even the rain has such small hands"
I love the rain. I love when it rains.
Visions of a verdant garden with colorful flowers being moisturized by precipitation enter my mind. It has a calming effect for me.


I don't appreciate it when after running errands all day I get home then I walk on a mini raging river of water that soak my favorite sneakers and drench my tiny toes. All because we cannot afford an underground parking lot and pay monthly to park the car in a warehouse located near our residence.

I don't appreciate it either when safely dry in my loft, the power flickers on and off so:
  • It interrupts the only time this week I got to chat with ER - with whom I was discussing the latest movies I saw and also told him I wish I could find a way to see this film! But it is only shown in limited theaters across the US and was an entry in the San Francisco Film Festival a few months ago.
  • It ruined the brownies I was baking in the oven for today's general house cleaning task.
  • I wasn't able to enjoy (without disruptions) my weekly Friday French movie on TV5. This week featured a rather interesting one entitled "Un amour a taire"

  • By the way, the title of my post today is part of a poignant poem by E.E. Cummings. Hauntingly beautiful words!
    I'm off to bed to enjoy this cuddly weather although I have no one to hug except my pillows.
    Happy Weekend! =)

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