Sunday, June 26, 2005

Age you lost your virginity? 20something
Band listening to right now? Lifehouse
Dream Car? Toyota Echo
Dads name? Salvador
Easiest person to make you laugh? My father
Food you miss most? Coco's (in Dubai) moist chocolate cake
Any encounters with Ghosts? None
Person most Hated at the moment? Nobody
Interesting unknown fact about yourself? I stay in the cinema until the end credits of the movie is over
The first letter of the last person who Just broke your heart? E.E
Kissing with eyes opened or closed? Closed
Last time you did LSD? Never
Most memorable Moment you can think of in a minute? Hiking in Palawan because I think it is a miracle I was able to do it!
Nicknames? Daph, Lau, Net
What are your most valued pOssessions? My family
Poison of choice? Sleeping pills
The last Quote you heard? "Life is already rough. Make it easy by enjoying it!"
What are you alleRgic to? Dust
Song you sang last? "Shiver" by Natalie Imbruglia
Time you woke up? 9:30 AM
Fave pair of Underwear? A black lace bikini type
Vegetable you hate most? Ampalaya
What are you the most afraid of? Death of a loved one
X-rated love life? I'm currently single and celibate
Year you were born? 1968
Zodiac sign? Libra

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