Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Because I am ....
A friend
I want to greet my buddy John a happy birthday! Here's wishing you loads of happiness over tiramisu, tapping feet and warm climate in Florida. Something I wouldn't have known (his birth date) if I didn't check my Friendster account yesterday. Frankly I'm not a Friendster person (whatever that means), I believe I'm already too old for it. But I do check occasionally.

A sister
I researched online for the newly released Harry Potter book since my sister is a huge fan. Voila, I found the bootleg/pirated edition of the book. So suffice to say, my sister was ecstatic, I'm glad too since I'm cheap and now don't have to spend to buy her the book. Teehee!

A foreign movie aficionado
I can't wait for CineManila to begin next month. I've got a rather busy August coming up but it would really really annoy me to high heavens if I don't see those movies.

An internet addict
But it's Mercredi - my clean the house day! I better get to it before I morph into this chair in front of my computer. Pffft!

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