Saturday, July 16, 2005

Did you know?
If you spend P300 at Robinson's Department Store, Supermarket or Handyman at any branches - you are entitled to their special promo. "Shop and Watch Buy 1 Take 1 coupon." You get a free movie ticket upon purchase of one regular movie ticket or a minimum purchase of P50.00 worth of snacks at the Cinema Snack Express.
The coupons are valid till November 30, 2005 at any branches for any movie except on first day of showing and premiere nights.
But the promo is valid only till end of July.

I finally saw Tom Cruise in "War of the Worlds" c/o of above promo. I'm a happy trooper. No, not because of Tom Cruise (frankly the movie was crap, not my genre but it wasn't that bad either) I'm excited with the idea that I get to see movies free, well kinda sorta free. =)

That despite the fact that my date was kinda sorta late in showing up - I had a nice time. We talked about a range of topics - real estate, travels, the economy, his life, my life, relationships, the South Beach Diet and cars.
I had only 2 San Mig lite beer, he had 5 or 6(?) Cerveza Negra.
He's cute in a cuddly teddy bear bald head kinda way. Cute smile!
It was very casual not really a date scenario. Just fine by me.
Essentially I had a pleasant evening. I wonder though if there is going to be another rendez vous in the immediate future.
I hope so! =)

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