Sunday, July 17, 2005

Ako ako ako puro na lang AKO =)
I AM: downloading Frente's version of Bizarre Love Triangle
I CRY: occasionally
I WANT: an Avon lipstick
I HAVE: a younger sister
I WISH: I was thinner
I HATE: my freaking cellphone!!!
I MISS: eating hawker food in Singapore
I DANCE: when no one is looking
I FEAR: cockroaches
I HEAR: the radio
I LOOK: younger than my age
I LOVE: watching movies
I ACHE: literally, PMS mood swings
I SING: in the shower
I NEED: protein treatment for my hair
I MUST: get my cellphone fixed!
I BLOG: about my little moments
I SEARCH: for peace of mind
I REGRET: nothing
I AM NOT: tall
I WRITE: really long emails
I SHOULD: go out and socialize more
I WONDER: if I did make a good impression (even though I pretend I don't really care!)

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