Wednesday, September 07, 2005

So they rejected the impeachment report of the Justice Committee at that ridiculously tedious marathon session at the Batasan yesterday.

Now WHAT???

I didn't even bother to watch the farce. It irritated me to see Congressmen of every form, shape and accent grandstand in front of the cameras live on ANC.

But I really needed a break before my head exploded. So yesterday, I headed off to the movies. My sure fire way of relieving stress.
I saw "Manderlay" and it completely bowled me over. Now, if you are into movies depicting injustice suffered by humanity then I highly recommend this film.

Speaking of injustice, I still can't get over the total anarchy prevailing in New Orleans. Certainly influenced by a certain American dude who doesn't dig me, I've gotten hooked on articles from newsletters such as Salon and Counter Punch. But I think I am better off focusing on a good cause like this one.

I'm pulling an all nighter and apparently I'm incoherent at this point. So I'll just stop rambling and end this post.

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