Friday, September 09, 2005

I started this post at 2:55 AM
But I don't have a topic to blog about.

So I'm downloading "Trees" by Marty Casey and "Pretty Vegas" by JD Fortune from Limewire.

I'm reading about the new castaways on one of my favorite reality TV shows. Survivor: Guatemala starts on September 16, Friday at Studio 23.

I'm researching about some French movies which will be shown on TV 5 this weekend.
This website is like the ImDB for French films. If it is Belgian movies, I use this one for information.

Then I stumbled upon a site which chronicles the travels of 2 cousins. They have ventured on this grand voyage to visit 100 UNESCO world heritage list sites. Primarily written in French but they do have an English version as well. Fascinating read and lovely pictures too!

Finally the "Iusefreakingdialupsoittakesforevertodownload mp3s are done! I'm outta here. =)

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