Thursday, September 22, 2005

Pamper me Thursday
Me: Ok I'm off for some kikay stuff.
K: Kinky stuff? pray do tell like what?
Me: Goodness gracious me, I said kikay not kinky duh!
K: Really? Must have misread ur msg. The pitfalls of driving & texting.
Me: Driving, texting and thinking of kinky stuff - di ba bad yon? tsk tsk

Oh that note, off I went for my protein hair treatment. Long overdue. The last time was in July. Fancy free me would just tie my unruly wavy hair in a ponytail and face the world au naturel.

By nature, I am a fairly patient person. But once I sit my fat behind on a chair at the beauty salon, I get restless.
I people watch. I SMS friends.
I read lifestyle and health magazines.
Did you know:
1) Those who consume moderate amounts of beer have 30 to 40% lower rate of coronary heart disease compared to those who don't drink?
2) That erectile dysfunction often is a sign of cardiovascular problem?
3) That premature ejaculation is 2 minutes or less compared to 7 minutes for the average male?

Alright so # 2 and 3 doesn't really apply to me but hey I had nothing left to read ok? 2 hours later, my hair is flat and straight once again. I was so happy, I gave P200 to the attendant as his tip. Anyone who pulls a muscle in his arms from blow drying my wavy hair deserves every single cent of that 200 pesos.
But silly me just gave away my cab money.
A quick SOS to my sister was in order.
Bribing her with dinner, my treat.
Mini Shabu Shabu at Edsa Shangri-la Mall.
An added expense on my Mastercard.
But euphoria over 'temporary' straight hair.
Now that is priceless! =)

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