Thursday, November 03, 2005

Broken down palace
That's how it feels in this humble loft I call home.
One by one, the vital appliances have conspired to go kaput.
2 weeks ago, my sister's laptop just went blank.
Last week, it was the ever dependable rice cooker.
2 days later, the fax machine started acting funny.
This morning, my monitor flickers on and off.
As of today, we are still waiting for the Fujitsu Service center to call us regarding my sister's laptop.
I've borrowed my parents' extra rice cooker.
The fax machine is still busted.
And if you hear a banging sound that would be me hitting my freaking monitor to make it function normally.
I have this really expensive habit of just buying brand new ones to replace those devices who decide for no apparent reason to conk out.
Luckily for me, I am broke.


This didn't stop me from convincing my sister that we do a market survey. So off we went to Megamall, weaving in and out of computer shops, collecting brochures of fax machines, laptops and even cellphones. It took a huge amount of will power not to just give in to temptation and splurge like crazy.

But, wait!
Surely you cannot expect two single women with purchasing power to go home from the mall empty handed right?
That is a serious violation of human rights.
My sister is now the beaming owner of 2 pairs of sporty pumps.
Me, well I only buy 2 items: books and/or movies.
Today, I add "The House of Flying Daggers" to my VCD collection.

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