Friday, December 09, 2005

Of babies and the color pink
I wonder if there is some higher authority conspiring to make me more 'girly'.
Not a mean task because people still think I am a girl and not a woman of 37 summers!
But I blame that to my petite height.
Did you know I was once mistaken to be a 9 year old?
Yes, true story indeed.
I was frolicking in a beach somewhere in the east coast of Dubai. this lifeguard who happened to be Filipino, mind you ... approached me and asked if I was accompanied by an adult because kids are not allowed to play in the sea, alone.
I told him I beg your pardon but I'm not a kid.
He apologized, laughed nervously saying - "Akala ko 9 years old ka pa lang" (I thought you were only 9 years old)
So to avoid looking like a kid I told myself I won't wear pink ever again.
But last night I checked my closet and discovered to my surprise a wide array of tops in various shades of the color pink. Yesterday I received a package from my aunt in the US who gifted me with a light pink Old Navy t-shirt.
So yes I am slowly learning to like the color pink again.
I just hope that I now look at least 12 and not 9 years old. Hehehehe

Speaking of infants, it seems that being pregnant is very IN these days.
Britney Spears gave birth to her son.
"Elektra" star, Jennifer Garner has her own Violet.
My friend Donna's daughter is infanticipating.
Yes. She is going to be a grandmother soon. Gosh.
And of course ER is going to be a dad, next year.
The poor guy is freaking out keeps asking me for advice.
Me of all people!
What do I know about babies?
My limited knowledge comes from books like the one (little Earthquakes) I'm currently engrossed in/with.
It is about 3 new mothers exchanging babies stories with each other.
It is written by the same author (Jennifer Weiner) who penned "In her Shoes" a movie I have yet to see. Because it is about sisters and family and I will just try to ignore the fact that Cameron Diaz is in it. Me don't like Cameron Diaz. :D

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